What is idoodah?

Foremost idoodah is a shopping tool enabling users to quickly search the internet's top shopping websites and access them quickly from a single location, this gives the user a better chance of finding the best shopping deal

In addition to the shopping tool a general multi web search tool is available

Some of our search links carry an affiliated link, meaning we would receive a commission if a sale was made, however the shopping tool is completely unbiased with its results in all instances. If you were to search on the shopping site itself the results would be the same

If idoodah.com is a financial success the directors have pledged to give 10% of all profits to charity. The charity will be chosen by the users via an online voting system 2 months prior to the websites anniversary of publication (our first anniversary would be 27th April 2012)

Charity Update: This website and its sister site iDoodah.co.uk are not funded by any large organistation and are a personal project operating on a very small budget.
iDoodah.com and iDoodah.co.uk have yet to turn a profit as of August 2012. The cost of development, design and web hosting have still not been met by affiliate revenue earned by the sites and as such no contribution to charities have been made.

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If you have a comment or complaint email us at admin@idoodah.com